Auxiliary Programs

NC AIA’s long term goal is to engage children through their middle school years with age-appropriate dance and performing arts instruction and participation . Once a child has completed an in-school program, he/she can continue their participation with NC AIA during the school year and over the summer.

Arts in Action Summer Institute

Children who have participated in the in-school program are invited to participate in a week-long summer camp intensive that brings together children from all the partner schools to dance and learn together. Facilitated by NC AIA teaching artists and special guest teachers, the alumni summer camp reinforces the dance curriculum and builds camaraderie with a diverse group of youth through the shared love of the Arts in Action programs.

Arts in Action LEAP Team

LEAP stands for Learning Excellence and Perseverance. This alumni program for rising 5th- 9th grades is the next rung in the career ladder of opportunities for children who have been through an in-school program. Students selected for LEAP Team commit to rehearsing each Saturday throughout the school year, and perform at many events throughout the community, serving as NC AIA student ambassadors. For more information about LEAP Team, please contact Marlon Torres.

Our Mission
North Carolina Arts in Action helps children reach their full potential using performing arts as the catalyst to build focus, discipline, self-esteem, teamwork and leadership.

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