Congratulations, Wakelon!

Congratulations to Wakelon Elementary School and its fourth grade students and team for their outstanding performances today in The Collision: Technology Meets the Arts.

Today's program was written and directed by Alton Tisino with musical direction by Doug Largent. Assistant Direction was led by Sue Smith and Suzi Landis. Narration was by Yolanda Rabun. Fourth grade students tied their dancing into the curriculum and learned about creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and connectivity.

Students explored the Age of Enlightenment, mad scientists and the wonder of technology through the radio, cell phones and artificial intelligence. They danced through the binary code, felt the pull of magnetism, and became robots. Alton Tisino wrote two original musical pieces in today's program The Artificial Human and Think Big.

On behalf of the children we serve, thank you to parents and our guests for attending both performances. Thanks also to our wonderful supporters for making this program possible. In addition, we thank Principal Angela Cooper and Wakelon teachers for your unwavering support in our third year of this program at Wakelon.

Photo Credit: MaryBeth Carpenter

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