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A Message of Solidarity in Support of the Black Lives Matter Movement


We want our students, staff, donors and community to know that we recognize the deep pain the Black community is experiencing around the country. We stand in solidarity with those who suffer from the impacts of systemic racism and commit to being a partner in dialogue and in action.

North Carolina Arts in Action is guided by our belief that all children deserve the opportunity to succeed in life. Equity, diversity and inclusion are the cornerstones of our work. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement, and demand that as a society, we end systems of racial inequities which oppress and traumatize communities of color in our country. We believe that this dialogue will result in growth within our own organization, and in the communities with whom we partner, to even better serve the children with whom we are privileged to work.


Arts and education are key parts of the solutions to overcoming inequality. When children are given the same support and tools for growth and achievement, are taught to honor diversity, and are given models of integrity and inclusion to look up to, they discover their own potential and respect the potential of those around them. This is a critical part of the experience we strive to bring to every student in our program.


There is a lot of work to do. Talking will not be enough. In the new fiscal year, NC Arts in Action will prioritize education on equity, diversity and inclusion within our organization with the support of experts in the field. We will continue to find ways to be an active part in promoting the values of respect, freedom and justice for Black people.


North Carolina Arts in Action Staff and Board of Directors

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