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North Carolina Arts in Action uses dance, an art form embodied by every society, as an enjoyable way for young children to develop discipline, self-esteem, and desire to excel. When children are able to express feelings and ideas through artistic movement, they gain self-awareness and often self-acceptance and discovering new talents. The program becomes an incentive for students to achieve in the classroom, learn to work as a team and develop respect for one another.


A trained lead dance teacher/choreographer, an assistant dance teacher, and a music accompanist teach classes. Each Arts in Action class runs 50-60 minutes per fourth-grade classroom. As fundamental movements are mastered, the teaching shifts to focusing on the annual theme, which is used to exemplify connections between dance and concepts in our curricular areas.

Our programs are created for Grade 4 students with curriculum integration based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the North Carolina Common Core State Standards.


Would you like to bring NC Arts in Action to your school? Contact for information.

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