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The In-School Program takes place during the school day and involves the entire grade – typically 4th grade. Each classroom receives 50-60 minutes of instruction per session (i.e., 4 4th grade classrooms = 4 hours of instruction per session). Classes are taught by a Lead Teacher/Choreographer, an Assistant, and a Musician. One of the hallmarks of our programs is having live music for every class and performance. All teaching artists are trained extensively in the teaching techniques of the National Dance Institute. A typical in-school program runs 16 weeks, culminating in two large-scale productions for the entire school, and the greater community.


Basic Structure


An Arts in Action in-school program runs approximately 16 weeks, depending on the needs and interests of the school. The first few weeks are dedicated to the basic pedagogy – learning the basics of dance and movement – directions, counting, rhythm, spatial relationships, etc. Using specific teaching techniques, games and challenges, students begin to understand that dance is how your body moves through space and time. The choreography is based in pedestrian movement – leaping, jumping, reaching, etc. – all executed with energy and precision. The instruction shifts to the creation of individual class dances choreographed on some aspect of the annual theme. An original script is developed each year to support the theme, along with original music. Students develop their class dances in preparation for the year-end productions for the school community during the day and for family and friends in the evening. Additional professional musicians and vocalists are added to enhance the students’ work.


The Arts in Action artistic team work with a theme throughout the year which is integrated into our lessons and inspires the design and culminating performance. The theme is aligned with Common Core State Standards and NC Essential Standards.

Workshops and Residencies

Arts in Action offers short term intensive programs to schools ranging from a one-day workshop to a month long residency specifically tailored to the school's needs. For more information, contact Artistic Director Suzi Landis at

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