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Inspiring Our Children

Anytime you can be involved in helping our youth, you help everyone’s future.
— Shirley Berger, Founder, North Carolina Arts in Action



The arts provide a unique way to engage and motivate children towards excellence. For children at-risk, arts education provides avenues to fortify them against negative peer pressure and making poor choices affecting their future. NC AIA’s specific teaching pedagogy, honed for over 30 years at the NDI and reaching over 30,000 nationwide annually, is rooted in energetic, demanding, rigorous movement, coupled with strategies for giving each child the feeling of success, and nurturing self-esteem — the affects of which are retained long after the conclusion of an in-school program.


According to the North Carolina Arts Council, students who participate in quality arts programs are four times more likely to be recognized for their academic achievement.


Currently, renewed emphasis on core academic curriculum has been instituted as a result of No Child Left Behind, and music, art, performance and physical education classes continue shrink or be eliminated entirely.

Please help us provide our local schoolchildren with a rich arts curriculum that provides a pathway to success beyond the confines of the academic classroom!


Arts in Action made me get rid of the phrase 'I can’t'!
— Clifton, 5th grader


30,000 school children participate in NDI-based programs annually all over the world. Help us deliver this transformative program to our children in North Carolina!

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