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Week 4

D for Dolley Madison

This week we will learn all about Dolley Madison, the First "First Lady" of the United States. She opened the doors of the White House on Wednesday evenings to host what became known as a "squeeze." People from all walks of life crowded around to meet and greet, have casual conversations and politics and share their dreams with others. Dolley Madison was a trailblazer! A trailblazer is a person who makes a new track through wild country or a pioneer, "Trendsetter." 
Have you ever been a trailblazer? 
"Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage." - Maya Angelou
It takes a lot of courage and confidence to be a trailblazer and start something new. In your journal, list 3 times in your life when you had to be courageous. How did you feel?
Now, let's get moving. Stand up and get ready for our warmup with Ms. Sue!
Now that you are all warmed up, let's learn our dance this week. D for Dolley Madison with Ms. Tiana. Practice Part 1 before you move on to Part 2!
Dolley Madison was a very inclusive person. Do you know what inclusive means? Inclusive means to include everyone. By opening the White House to everyone, Dolley Madison showed how to be inclusive and welcoming to others.
Before you start Part 2 of the dance, make a collage including names, words, and pictures of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE you love. Be as inclusive as possible!
Now that you've practiced Part 1 of D is for Dolley Madison, it's time to learn Part 2.
Be like Dolley Madison, be courageous and a trailblazer. Try a new sport, dance style, game, activity! Have fun!
You did a great job in Week 4. 
Keep practicing D is for Dolley Madison!
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