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Week 1

Welcome to NC Arts in Action

Hi students! Welcome to NC Arts in Action Online. We are so excited you decided to join us on this fun adventure. This year we are going to learn all about notable women in North Carolina's History! Are you ready to begin our exciting journey?
Before we get started, we know that every one who participates in our program has a special skill or something they are proud of. What is your special skill? Write it down in your journal.
Find a safe space where you can move and dance. Make sure to have a water bottle close by and wear comfortable clothes. 
Now let's start moving! We always start class with a warmup. Click on the video to watch our first warmup with Ms. Kathy.
Now that you are all warmed up, let's learn the 8s!
This year is the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote! We want to honor this important milestone by celebrating women who have made a difference in North Carolina's History. Come with me on a virtual tour of the NC History Museum's exhibit "Women Making History in NC." (this is a long video so make sure to watch it in small chunks...take lots of breaks!)
In your journal, write down 2 things you learned on our virtual tour? 
You did a great job in Week 1. 
Keep practicing the 8s and the warmup.
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