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Week 5

R for Rosie the Riveter

This week we will learn all about Virginia Russell Reavis, a nurse in WWII, who embodied the spirit and confidence of Rosie the Riveter.
Virginia Russell Reavis, of Onslow County, was a nurse in the Army Air Force from 1942 to 1945. In 1943 she became an air evacuation nurse and flew with wounded American soldiers and German prisoners of war back to the United States from England. She helped take care of many injured soldiers during the war. 
Rosie the Riveter was an icon during the war that represented all women who were working in factories and ship yards to support the efforts of the troops. These women were strong, confident, innovative, and determined to help in anyway they could.  
It takes a lot of strength and determination to get through difficult times. In your journal, list a time in your life when you had to be strong and determined. What did you do to build yourself up? What words did you say to yourself to help build your confidence?
Now, let's get moving. Stand up and get ready for our warmup with Ms. Rachel!
Now that you are all warmed up, let's learn our dance this week. R for Rosie the Riveter with Ms. Rachel. Practice Part 1 before you move on to Part 2!
Rosie the Riveter was an image that represented so much to women during that time period. She showed everyone how powerful, strong, determined, and resourceful women can be. 
Before you start Part 2 of the dance, draw or put together a collage of images that represent confidence, strength, and determination. Hang your poster on the wall somewhere you can see it everyday! You can add words, pictures, songs lyrics, etc. to make it personal to you.
Now that you've practiced Part 1 of R is for Rosie the Riveter, it's time to learn Part 2.
You did a great job in Week 5. 
Keep practicing R is for Rosie the Riveter
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