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Week 2

The Basics

Welcome back students! I hope you enjoyed the first week of Arts in Action and are ready for the next. This week we will practice our 8s and do another warmup.
But first, in your journal draw a picture that represents you. It can be a self-portrait or a drawing of something you love or an illustration of lots of different things you like. Be as creative as you can!
Now let's start with our warmup.
Now that you are all warmed up, let's learn a new set of 8s with Mr. Marlon!
Wow! How did you feel after doing the 8s and the warmup? Have a drink of water and let's watch another video from the NC Museum of History.
In your journal, write down 2 things you learned from the video.
You did a great job in Week 2! 
Keep practicing the 8s and the warmup.
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