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Week 7

A for Astronaut

This week we will learn all about Astronaut, Christina Koch, whose courage and perseverance gave her the drive to become a NASA astronaut. Christina holds the record for the longest single spaceflight completed by a woman.
Perseverance means having the persistence to do something despite it being difficult. People who persevere, work hard and keep working until they achieve their goals.
In your journal, write about time in which you found something difficult to do, but you persevered? How did you feel, what things did you have to overcome, what did you tell yourself to give you the motivation to keep going?
Now, let's get moving. Stand up and get ready for our warmup with Ms. Suzi!
Now that you are all warmed up, let's learn our dance this week. A for Astronaut with Ms. Suzi. Practice Part 1 before you move on to Part 2!
Before you start Part 2 imagine you are an explorer. What new frontier would you explore; space, desert, inner Earth, or something not yet discovered like a new planet? How would you prepare for your expedition? Write about it in your journal.
Now that you've practiced Part 1 of A for Astronaut, it's time to learn Part 2.
Be like an Christina Koch, be courageous and imaginative create a space picture with a newly discover planet or star. Give it a fun and creative name!  
You did a great job in Week 7. 
Keep practicing A is for Astronaut!
Check out this extra resource on Christina Koch:
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