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"Arts in Action is a one-of-a-kind program. It teaches critical thinking and life skills as well as builds appreciation for the performing arts. Arts in Action is the program that should be in ALL Durham public schools!"
Mary Casey, Director K-12 Arts Education, Durham Public Schools


"I believe in North Carolina Arts in Action because it allows for diversity and gives students the opportunity to express themselves. I very much want the program to continue, I would love for this program to at least work with grades 3-5. It would be ideal if we could have the program in the entire school." 
Deshera Mack, Rashkis Principal


"This program provided exposure to a new area of talent for students, the opportunity for all to excel, high levels of engagement. It pulled our whole school community together and it was clearly an opportunity for success." 
Shelia Burnette, Frank Porter Graham Principal

MC AIA Illustration by 4th grader Elise Van Manen

"Aspects of the program that are most appealing: discipline rewards, character building, pride. The classroom teachers are hooked on it! This program is integrated with the Essential Standards, promotes physical activity, pride and character building."

Star Sampson, Principal of Holt Elementary

"Arts in Action is so much more than a dance program. These children have learned extraordinary lessons that they can apply to many other areas of life. Arts in Action gave them an opportunity to excel, inspired them to care about themselves and their peers, and set a high standard of excellence that many would have thought unreachable. I can’t say enough about what Arts in Action did for my students." 
Queen Bass Scarborough, Fayetteville Street Elementary School Principal


"The whole process is just awesome. The students become part of something that is larger than they are – working as a class community to accomplish a common goal!" 
Cindy Daniels, Asst. Principal, FPG


"This program is invaluable to the children, feeding them not only the academics but the aesthetics of life (spirit, mind and soul)." 
Mrs. Noell, Music Teacher

"NCAIA promoted confidence in my students especially those with disabilities. Their peers gained respect for what these often ostracized kids could do, and the special kids gained confidence by being a fully functioning member of the team." 
Susan Wiles, 4th-grade teacher


"The program put Fayetteville Elementary School on the map! The community was ecstatic and continues to talk about the wonderful performance. (The program) helped expose the many hidden talents of so many students." 
Toni Moore, 5th-grade teacher 
"I like the high expectations for all. The physical movement during the class is always high - I love that as a PE teacher. The students gained confidence, ownership, responsibility and dedication." 
Michelle Wood, PE Teacher and North Carolina Arts in Action Liaison

"My favorite thing about NCAIA is that it levels the playing field for all students. Regardless of academic or social obstacles, every student could participate. It was so special to see every one of my students shine." 
Sarah DeLamarter, 4th-grade teacher & North Carolina Arts in Action Liaison


"As a mom, I want to thank you for doing the AIA program in the schools. My daughter has always been very outgoing, but lately as the pre-teen years are approaching I have noticed her become much more self-conscious and lose a lot of her previous confidence. With AIA, she is always enthusiastic to dance and so excited about the performances. It is nice to see her smiling face performing in front of groups of people, without the shyness and hesitation. Whatever you and your dance instructors are doing for these children, it's working and it’s wonderful!" 
4th grade parent 

"My child learned that you need to practice to excel. If you commit to whatever you’re doing you will find success if you are trying your best. She developed self-confidence throughout the process. The instructor's brilliance to bring her to the front and let her lead forced her to step up to the plate and she delivered!"

4th-grade parent

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