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Week 9

"Dream Big" Finale

We are so close to our final celebration! You have worked so hard the past 8 sessions and we hope you've enjoyed our program this year.
Before we celebrate, we have to learn the finale dance for our performance. Are you ready?
Let's get started. Mrs. Kathy is back to help us out. Watch, dance, and review until you're performance ready. You can do it! 
Now that you've learned Part 1 to our finale dance, its time to move on to Part 2!
Now let's practice the whole dance!
In your journal, write down your favorite dance from all of the dances we learned this year. Write down how do you feel when you get up and dance!
Let's review all of the dances we learned this year. Which one was your favorite? Keep practicing your favorite dance and the finale until they are performance ready. 

D for Dolley Madison

R for Rosie Riveter

E for Entrepreneur

A for Astronaut

M for Making the Vote

You did a great job in Week 9! 
When you're ready, go to Week 10 and sign up for a Pop-Up Arts in Action class at Southern Village in Chapel Hill.
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