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Online Learning "Dream Big"

Dream Big,” will begin with the story of Dolley Madison, who welcomed people into the White House and created a sense of community and belonging. Also featured in our program will be Virginia Russell Reaves, a World War II nurse from North Carolina, who saved many lives on the front lines and embodied the spirit of Rosie the Riveter. We will also learn about Ann Atwater and Pauli Murray, who were at the forefront of the equal rights and desegregation movements. Our journey will end by honoring present day North Carolina women who make a difference including: local dancer and choreographer, Michelle Dorrance; James Beard winner, Ashley Christianson; UNC nurse, Grace Cindric; and Christina Koch, who holds the record for the longest space flight by a woman.

Week 1:

Introduction to NC AIA

Week 4:

D for Dolley Madison

Week 7:

A for Astronaut

Week 10:

NC AIA Celebration!

Week 2:

The Basics

Week 5:

R for Rosie the Riveter

Week 8:

M for Made the Vote

Week 3:

Explore Music

Week 6:

E for Entrepreneur

Week 9:

Dream Big Finale!

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